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About Me

Management Consultant and Coach

Trainer and Consultant in Operations Management. Building high performance teams and processes.

Working with people and systems; factories to management teams and even my lego – bringing structure, practical analysis and direct action to help you make a real impact, fast.

I’m a freelance management consultant and coach in industrial business operations; leading major industrial operations improvement projects, training and coaching programs in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors, globally.

With a MEng from the “University of Cambridge”, I now focus on training and leading teams to make breakthrough improvements in their business’s performance and profit through capacity increase (without capital investment) and cost reduction.

Experienced with automotive, FMCG and high value manufacturing whilst leading large and senior client teams and embedded consultants with dozens of industrial clients.

I’ve trained the operations teams of major international companies on 3 continents and led rapid improvement projects with direct savings of 10s of millions of dollars multiple times.

In my courses, I aim to give you the best info, in the least time, that you can really “use” to enhance your own career and business. All wrapped up with a few goofy jokes, silly stories and inappropriate examples!

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